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We like to think of ourselves as the perfect one-stop-shop for your Online Innovation process. While we expand into various fields, Yeam can create Digital Strategies tailor made for your needs, and always after getting intimate with your Insights and Analytics.

We like to think that there is a lot to be learned, so we educate ourselves everyday on the new digital terms and platforms, using the Internet of Things to our advantage.

Yeam specialises in creating smart and efficient Mobile Strategies, making sure you never miss a client due to website responsiveness, and that your mobile version will be good enough for Google, Bing and other search engines to mark you as Mobile Friendly.

When it comes to Social, Yeam is the answer to your questions. Using high end tools to post on your social channels- we also provide you with analytics for your social pages, making sure we optimise every Dollar or Euro spent.

Place your BRAND in the center of attention and let us help you develop it!


Meet The People Behind Yeam

Daniel Raihani
Founder and CEO

After starting his career in the finance world at the age of 8, investments were always in Daniel's heart. By the age of 16 he had enough funds to start any business he wanted. Along the years Daniel has had several CEO positions and founded more companies than you can count. Understanding that the world is now heading towards media, Daniel built YEAM. Hiring only the best of the online marketing field, Daniel's new desire is to share the knowledge and help businesses, big and small, to achieve their fullest potential!

Maya Mey Aroyo
SEO Consultant and Content Specialist

Maya Mey Aroyo started off as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Being an autodidact helped her out as she learned the secrets of media, conversions, affiliation, and the unique ability that good content could have on a website. As SEO is a changing field, and website's innovation never ends- she's on board to make sure your work with us will improve your site's rating and increase your revenue.