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You can find available data about your website in various places. These days, with the IoT, everyone can know everything about any website if they know where to look. Your Google Analytics might give you the best data about your website, but only if you customize it correctly. Most of our clients are looking at the overall data, without even knowing that they are missing crucial reports that can shed light about different sections of the website and the compatibility between the website and it’s pages to the target audience.

Customer Analytics & Insights is what we do before creating any kind of action plan, whether we are consulting about mobile transitions or social media. But that’s not the only available data that we look for. When taking on the project of Customer Analytics & Insights, Yeam would also look at other “outside” tools that will give us an idea as to how the world sees your website.understanding-your-analytics


We often make assumption regarding our audience, our marketing techniques and other online efforts. Our instincts might have been true at the beginning, but as the world of media is changing, and people in general are evolving, our assumptions can mislead us and deny us potential profit.

Only when taking an un-bayes look into data can one give you their insight about your business. It’s always good to have fresh eyes looking at your website’s analytics to spot weak spots, strong features and potentially improve your online results.


Once we complete a full Analytics and Insights report we can start working on a good action plan for your website. Yeam’s action plan will be based on both the inside data we acquired from your Google Analytics account, and also take into consideration data from Alexa, SimilarWeb and other online data providers.

There are new ways, surfacing everyday, to improve your site based on data. Using the proper heat maps for your website can reveal a new set of data points that could assist Yeam with improving your Web Strategy. Data is nothing if you don’t know how to use it.

A detailed action plan, based on your website’s Analytics and Insights will “touch” every aspect of your business- from the way your website look, to the way you post on social media and will even address improvement points for your email marketing.

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