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Developing your brand starts by creating more awareness to it. Brand awareness was defined by Investopedia as “The likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or service”, and we couldn’t agree more. Loving your brand is a good thing, but falling in love with it isn’t. What your brand name means to you, will not necessarily feel the same for your target audience.

Brand Development starts, but never ends. It’s making sure that your social channels will create a 2 way conversation with your target audience and realising PR submissions to related websites to make sure the IoT has the proper information about your brand and business.


Some brands are very self explanatory. “Beauty Bridge” is a good example to an eCommerce business selling makeup and cosmetics online, and uses a name that is self explanatory. You might not understand the meaning of the Bridge in the brand’s name, but every woman knows what beauty is.
Other companies, such as StarBucks, have a name that shares nothing about the nature of the business, however, is more related to the logo, the design and the general digital line of the company. However, their brand name precedes them, and there aren’t many people who don’t associate StarBucks with coffee or delicious pastries.


These days, having a brand that people know will come in handy for your organic traffic efforts. When a keyword or phrase are being searched with Google or Bing, these search engines can recognize the pattern of the choices the user makes once given the search results.
If you have a known brand, than people will search for it online. Once they search you and click on the link to your website- the search engine will remember that and understand that your website is something people like to find.
You will then start to see more organic traffic coming your way via other keywords, since the increase organic traffic to your website, caused by the search of your brand, will elevate your site’s SEO score for all other keywords.

When talking about rebranding, we are also talking about a change of the target audience. If you have made your business appealing to women at the ages of 24-35, rebranding might expand that into more ages or even men. Digital Brand Development is not something to be taken lightly, cause as much as you think your new brand might appeal to a bigger crowd, Re-Branding needs to be done with minimum loss to the existing brand-loyal audience.

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