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Having the knowledge about social marketing, mobile strategies and how to read your analytics, is something we believe every business owner should have. Whether you decide on hiring an expert or not, knowledge never hurt anyone. We like to think that our blog ((Link to blog)) posts will inspire you, give you more tools and better educate you on how to handle your online channels, but we can also provide personal consult, face to face, or on Skype.

teaching-marketingYeam’s team of experts ((Link to Our Team Page)) can help you understand how to handle your own social pages, how to read your Google Analytics and create more relevant reports in it. We believe that knowledge can create a deeper partnership with our clients, since it’s important for us that our clients will know what they are paying for.
It’s easy to tell an eCommerce client “We know social better than you”, but it will not create a trusting relationship and just leave both parties with a bitter flavour in their mouths.

So let us educate you, make you better understand our social strategies and answer basic questions like- what is SEO?


We are aware that different businesses hold a different budget for their Innovation Strategy. We like to think that Yeam can assist the online efforts of any business- big and small, and that’s why we came up with the Digital Innovation Consultant Service option for our clients.

If you have a small business, a good developer by your side, and hold only several social accounts there’s no reason why you cannot take over your business’ online efforts with a little bit of guidance.

contact us today and ask us about our consulting services!