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“Innovation is a new idea, more effective device or process.” (Wikipedia).

When thinking about the need for Digital Innovation you are basically saying to yourself “My digital strategy was one thing, and now I am looking for a new idea, to improve it, make it more effective for my brand”.


digital-innovation-starts-with-dataDigital Innovation starts from understanding what is now, what do we currently have, and why it’s not working for us. The relevant data can be found in more places than you can imagine. Having a Google Analytics account is the basic step, but you need to have the knowledge on how to decipher your analytics reports, and create custom reports for every element you want to be inspected.

These days, everyone is talking about IoT, the Internet of Things. IoT is a new term surfacing in our media channels, telling us that everything is connected. Everything we write and post is connected to these giant robots and algorithms that control data. Using IoT in a better way is the goal set for any business today, online or offline, that is looking to grow the traffic to its site or offline location. But even the researchers from the Department of Software at Gachon University, in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, who worked on the project are saying- IoT is not a new thing. IoT simply represents our age, where we found new ways to control and analyse data.

Going back to our Analytics talk, you need to know that you have more ways of discovering your place in the Internet of Things. There are other tools, other than Google Analytics, that could shed light on your current website’s status. Tools like Alexa, SimilarWeb, SEO-Site-Checkup, and other similar tools can be used to see how the world views your website, and discover weak-links in it that are preventing your growth.


The action plan starts once we have the data in our hands. We can get an overall look on your business and better understand the reasons that’s keeping you back.

A good action plan would include on-site and off-site SEO actions that must be done in order to improve your site. Yeam’s action plans will give you a valuable tool to expand your business. True Digital Innovation covers not only your site and code, but also takes into consideration how you need to handle your social channels. Are you lacking certain social channels that are critical for your success? Do you have enough websites linking into yours? Are these websites only giving you a backlink or do they have added value and give you valuable leads?

A professional Digital Innovation action plan will include the steps we need to take together in order for your business to reach it’s highest potential. Our researchers will go through your data and search your competitors for that same data, giving you the overall look on where you stand in your field, and what needs to be done in order to be the first, and the best, of your field.


As new technology keeps surfacing, Digital Innovation never ends. We find a lot of our clients confused, and having a hard time keeping up with the changes in the Internet of Things. That’s why we are here. Yeam’s professionals are learning new data sources and improving “old” techniques everyday. We are here to make sure that your business will always be in one line as your competition, and even one step ahead.

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