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If you were talking about Digital Advertising 20 years ago you would probably be referring to advertising on TV. But these days- Digital means a whole lot more. In fact, if you will talk to someone today, from the media industry, about Digital Advertising, they will not even have TV commercials in mind.

In our days, digital is online, on the Internet of Things, inside the networks. Our digital world became everything Google has eyes on… Even our video commercials took a turn and see more revenue from being displayed on YouTube. New Social Networks are seeing the light of our screens every day now, increasing the need for a Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is a process. It can’t be done in one day, and it shouldn’t be done without preparation. For that purpose you need a Digital Transformation Strategy.


If Digital Transformation is what you want, you need to “attack” the problems you see with the right strategy. You can’t just wake up one day and change the whole thing without understanding what needs to be changed.

When taking a closer look into our clients’ analytics reports and overall data, we can see what needs to change. having a professional eye on your website’s incoming traffic is not enough. To make sure we give you the best Digital Strategy, we must look into 2 variables- where is your traffic coming from, and what does it do?

digital-strategy-and-transformationEXAMINING WHAT’S NOT WORKING

It’s an easy assumption to make that the source that brings the largest amount of traffic- is what’s working, as the other sources- needs our attention. But that would be true in only some of the cases. If you have 2,000 unique visitors a day from your social channels and 4,000 unique visitors a day from various landing pages- that doesn’t necessarily mean that your landing pages are better than your social activity. Only by looking into how many conversions you have from each source- can we determine what needs to be changes.

A big part of our Digital Strategy goes into looking at your overall conversion rate, from visit to client, and then checking the individual conversion rate for each channel/ traffic source. The sources that have a higher conversion rate than the average- are performing well, as the one’s who are lower- are in need of improvement.


Take the best Digital Transformation Strategy and apply it to 10 different websites and you’ll be making a huge mistake. Creating an effective digital transformation requires knowledge of the website, it’s users and traffic sources.

If you are looking for a website-facelift to look more appealing to your clients- you should consider what are the main actions your clients are taking in your website. If your website is fairly new, and your brand awareness is still low- the digital change would only improve your website, and not hurt it. Same goes for some service sites. If you have a service only website, where you gather leads and contact them offline- a total change might be a good thing, but if you have an eCommerce website- changing it all together might “scare” your customers.

Take an example from the offline world: whenever a company chooses a different package for one of it’s top selling products- they announce it first! The come out with slogans and commercials, bombarding the web with notification about the changes that they have made. They even found a way to make it fun for clients when saying “Search for our new packages”. Heinz even opened a website to announce their new and exciting packages, and although they are offline, we can learn from them.

Creating your Digital Transformation Strategy is not a thing to be taken lightly. You’ve worked hard on your brand- let Yeam help you improve it without losing clients in the process.


When changing the “language” your website speaks in- all of your social channels should follow. A big part of our Digital Action Plans is to reinvent your social strategy. Making sure that all the links you are using can be monitored and tracked from click to conversion is just the basic step in acquiring the data we need to turn your social channels to money makers.

After deep examination of your social channels and activities, Yeam will give you a tailor made Digital Transformation action plan and expose your brand to new social channels and improve your followers engagement in the existing one. You can rest assure that if you are looking for the best Digital Action Plan- we can provide you with what you need.

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