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Google made it very clear on April 21st (2015) that mobile is the future. In the media industry we called that day “Mobilegeddone”. The Armageddon caused by the new definitions of Google search mechanism, prioritising mobile-friendly sites- even on display searches. Media companies addressed their publishers and media blogs were all about this new and intimidating guideline, that changed everything we thought about SEO.

That day, the IoT has changed. No longer can we rely on keywords and phrases to determine who gets the traffic- we also have to consider the mobile factor.


For SEO experts, having a client with a website that’s not mobile friendly is a nightmare. As every expert likes to keep their good name, providing endless content, backlinks and social media likes and shares- will not help promote a website that doesn’t have a responsive mobile version. And out mobile strategy starts with that. making sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly.


When talking about Mobile Strategy 2 terms come to mind: Responsiveness and mobile friendly. As opposed to what you might think, having a responsive website is not the same as having a website that is mobile friendly. Atomic74.com made it easier for everyone to understand the difference. And it’s not just SEO and Google that are playing a part here, because the “people” chose mobile. This year showed an increase of 23% of all entries to facebook using mobile and not desktop. It doesn’t matter if you post on Facebook or not (Well, you should), Facebook is the largest social network, and if these are their stats- we should all understand where traffic is going to be coming from in the next few years.

Building your Mobile strategy will require us to take a deeper look into your Analytics and find out if your audience is using desktop or mobile when surfing their way between your pages. If you have more than 35% of your traffic coming from mobile devices- you need a Mobile strategy, and a good one.

The best looking website might be what you are aiming for, but if you have the greatest website ever from a desktop point of view, and 85% of your visitors are using their phones- they are not going to see it. They will see every page a bit different. Aligned images will abstract text, amazing converting sidebar banners will be pushed all the way down, and some of your social plugins will act differently- making it harder for the user to decide to stay in your website.

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