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We believe that most of our clients already know the basics of social networks. LinkedIn is for business, Facebook is for a large audience, Instagram works better for things that look good on a photo (Fashion, Jewellery, Food, ect.), Twitter works amazingly well with short updates and intriguing posts, and Pinterest… Well, Pinterest is for everything!

Feels like we forgot someone? Well, everybody did. It’s called Google and not many people use it or even know how to use it. The jokes around the network about Google being the most unwanted social network might be true, but having a profile there is crucial to your SEO. Google is a product by Google, making the use of it to be the most effective one for SEO purposes.
If most of our social media efforts are made in order to generate a quick response, investing in your Google account will have the same effect as investing in renewing Keywords based content in your site.

social-strategyIt’s easy for any client of our’s to assume that having a Facebook page is all they need, but that is not true. Building your entire social strategy on one platform is risky, even if it’s the biggest social network these days. At the end of the day you need to remember that your Facebook page doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to Mark Zuckerberg, and if one day facebook will no longer be- neither will your business. Just take for example what happened during the month of September (2015) when Facebook “fell” 3 times within 2 weeks.


Other than Google activity, other social channels affect your website’s SEO. The reasons for this deep connection and the reasons why you should have a smart Social Strategy are very simple:
1 – Google understands that social media is REAL. Thus, when searching a keyword of some sort (Let’s say your business name), Google will display your social channels before your own website in most cases.
2 – Google and other search engines understands that if something is shared, liked or retweeted- it means that people like that content. Having likes and followers connected to your domain will elovate you on organic search regardless of the appearance of the searched keywords in your social channels.


Knowing when to post on each network is almost as important as what to post. There are defined hours that have proven to be more successful than others, using the social networks’ statistics to determine what time of the day would be the optimal time to post a new link, image or promotion. Since you can’t always be physically available in these hours to post, a good social strategy will include using an automatic social posting tool like Oktopost or Hootsuite. These tools will also provide you with the ability to access all of your social data from one place.


Getting Facebook likes and Twitter followers will not increase your business’ cashflow if none of them are translated into revenue. Social media could be a nice front for your business or it could be used as a powerful lead generating tool, it all depends on the content of what you post.

Generating leads from social media is possible and dueble, and if Hootsuite wrote about it, they know what they are talking about.
Whenever you post on social media, you need to make sure that that specific post contains a point of conversion. It could be a link to your site in the picture’s text, a clickable link or any call to action possible, generating more people to engage with your post and expand your organic reach.

The basic social strategy is content, and different content. If you have an eCommerce store selling shoes, uploading pictures of your amazing goods ALL the time, is not a strategy, it’s a default thought. A good social strategist will make sure your social channels are uploading 3 types of content: Direct content about your business, content that will appeal to your target audience (Like a blog post), and engaging content- like a contest or a coupon code.

Following all of the social media unspoken rules could be a tough thing for someone who doesn’t have all the time in the world to manage their own social channels. Hiring a professional social media expert can provide you with the peace of mind that your social channels are being taken care of- while you remain focused on your business.

turn your social activity to a true money maker!