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We can go on and on about how much Mobile is the future, but that does not change the fact that a lot of people are still using desktops on a daily basis. Web is not dead. The best Strategy, for every aspect in media, is not to be extreme. We often find clients to be too extreme when it comes to mobile responsiveness. Knowing that 85% of your traffic is coming from mobile devices should lead to a smart mobile action plan- but even these stats can’t mean the end of investment in your site’s desktop view.

web-strategyPeople are still using laptops, desktops and mobile isn’t the only way to access the internet. A deep look into your website’s Analytics And Insights will provide us with 3 important data points:
– How many visitors of your site are using mobile and how many are using desktops
– What operating systems do desktop users use when reaching your site
– What are the differences in the behaviour between visitors from mobile and from desktops

These 3 data points will allow us to spot potential “scare-away” points in your website, meaning- pages that literally make people leave your website. It’s also important to remember that as websites appear different on iPhone 5 than they do on Samsung 4, there are also differences in the appearance of your website from desktop Safari and desktop Mozilla.


Facelifting your website requires an action plan, and a smart one. You can’t just wake up one morning and change the way your website looks in order for it to be better, you might lose your audience in the process. Website transformation, much like Digital Transformations needs to be done carefully, and with a lot of thought.

In order to create a good website transformation you will need 3 things:
A good graphic designer, a good developer, and a great action plan (Yeam’s specialty).

So if you feel like your website isn’t performing the way it should- give us a call and we’ll make sure to strategize the best web transformation possible.

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